Central Plains

Map of The Central Plains

The Central Plains is the name given to the large desert in the centre of Eternium. It starts on the southern face of the Stonetalon Mountains, and stretches all the way to the southern shore.


The Ancient Elves were the first to discover this place, and they used it as a safe path for transporting goods to other parts of Eternium. The merchants usually stopped at a small outpost to rest. The elves eventually turned this into a city. Merchant's Reach has unofficially been the capital city since the 1st Age. The Multiprovincial Pact (2A124) made the law so that all races and nationalities may have control and make use of this land. It is seen as a neutral standpoint between all races. No fighting is permitted in The Central Plains and doing so is punishable by death. The kings of every province send the most elite troops to guard the wide expanse of desert. Tyldar sends the Royal Guard, Sirion sends the Magavir Sentries, Aldmoor sends the Ravagers, Xedivian sends the Atronachs, Wellwyrm sends the Marksmen of Telenith, Dragonshore sends the Zarkan Fliers and Bloodvale sends the Kartrath Rangers. The Mermen of Bal'deth cannot stand the intense heat and so do not participate in the defence.