Sirion is a province on the Eastern shore of Eternium. It is mostly forests and grasslands, with desert and mountains in the north and west.


Sirion is the home of the Ancient Elves. It was where life itself is thought to have begun. The first elves, The Lifebringers, established the city of Illithar in the 1st Age. They then began their spread across the land. The Ancient Elves eventually held control over all of Eternium, and some of the outer lands. The emergence of other Races, specifically the Drakes, signified the fall of Elvish culture in northern Eternium, though a refined version of the laws and rules the Ancient elves followed are used in Tyldar and Wellwyrm today. The Ancient Elves still live in solitude on the mountain fortress of Deltrith, isolated from modern technology and culture. Their descendents, the Magus Elves (or Magavir) claimed residence of Sirion and made Illithar the capital city. It is now a large economical centre and a military hub for the Magavir Military.