Background Edit

Not much is known of this island, except that in the stories told by citizens of Eternium say that a mage, expelled from an ancient emperors council, lives there. The stories say that after he was expelled for treason, plotting to kill the emperor, he went to Dragonshore to live in squalor. When settlers from Bloodvale came he felt he needed to be alone forever, due to the humiliation of betraying his superior. He recited an incantation, taking half of Dragonshore into the sea with him. He then created a shield, capable of resisting all magic and killing people who got too close. To this day, no-one knows for sure what is on the island.


There are reported sightings of odd, multilegged shadows traversing the island, although no-one can know for sure. Other than that, there are no known animals, or plants of note.