Emperor Ravon ruled from age 22, until he was 67, when he was murdered by assassins. His rule was one of general happiness throughout Eternium, with no major plagues or wars, though his assassination brought on the Imperial War, in which his two sons fought for the throne.


Emperor Ravon was the son of Emperor Abelard and his wife, Luna Valaarti, and was born in Tyldar. At a young age, he was introduced to the different aspects of ruling the empire by his fathers bodyguard, Cyrus. His father showed him the places of the kingdom, and taught him how to deal with the public and their problems. He was also trained in warfare, and often joined the commander of the Imperial Forces, Jarla Faralin, in combat, even as a child. He was highly skilled in swordsmanship, and was seen as one of the Empire's greatest rulers.


Emperor Ravon was assassinated by an unknown assailant, just after his visit to the Bal'deth Peninsula. His convoy was attacked by the enemy just outside the city walls, which left all of his bodyguards dead, and him injured. He died in his castle later that night.