Bal'deth is another name given to the Bal'deth Peninsula, and is the home of the Mermen (Hadavir). It is a province in the Northeast of Eternium and streches into the Parizian Sea. It's mostly swamp land, with mountains in the south.


Bal'deth was discovered by the Ancient elves in 1st Age. It was originally used for farming, as the tropical climate made it ideal for growing Bloodberries. The Mermen colonised it after the appearance of The Great Void (1A938) pushed them out of their ocean homes. They chose to live in Bal'deth because the swamps were humid enough to supply them with the moisture they need to live. The Elves fought the Mermen for the land in 1A940 but then gave up the campaign after seeing that the value of the land wasn't great enough for them to lose lives over. Ever since, the Mermen have kept to themselves, and it is very rare to see one out of Bal'deth.